Marianne Tümmler

Australiensvej 31. 2 th

2100 København Ø Denmark

Phone: +45 38 28 96 86  Mobile: +45 29 25 55 07

Mail: mariannet@mail.tele.dk

Homepage: www.m-tummler.dk


Member of: BKF, KKS and the Artists' Association of 18 November

Danish artist Marianne Tümmler was born in 1952. In 1975 she graduated at The Danish Design School-course graphics and illustration. Fine art has always been an important part of her life. She has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher of painting and technical classes. Her works have been exhibited and published since 1975.

Since 1985 she has participated in exibitions with other Danish naive artists.

She likes to use old doors or wood plates as base for her oil paintings. She says that her paintings carry naivety with a nostalgic touch of romanticism, humor and fairy-tales. Her painting language expresses tiny happy moments of everyday life. Thus she loves to accept orders to paint the walls of kindergardens, hospitals, railway stations and also private homes.

She has a lot of exibitions in galleries andarts organizations

(Look at the CV in her homepage under ( Udstillinger)

This is some from abroad:

Represented at: Museum of Naive and Marginal Art: Jargodina Serbien

Galerija Likovnih Samorastnikov/Trebnje Slovenien



Galleri Gilberg: En hyldest til det gode humør




Galleri Naif


Galleri knud Grothe


Augustiana/Galleri Nørballe


BKF på Hillerød bibliotek


Galleri Brantebjerg


Landskrona Museum







Galleri Gilberg: En hyldest til det gode humør


Galleri Knud Grothe


Galleri Brantebjerg


BKF/Nordsjælland i Hillerød


Galleri Naif


Galleri Hamilton


Ravmuseet i Oksbøl (Strandgalleriet)




Dronninglund Kunstcenter





MONTIVILLIERS the last exhibition of the centenary of Henri Rousseau.
& public auction

Galleri Gilberg- Fredericia

Galleri Naif- Islands Brygge

Annaborg/ Hillerød

BKF på Hillerød Bibliotek

Galleri Bagatel- Herstedøster

Galleri Knud Grothe- Charlottenlund

Lauritz.com Netauktion-Århus

Kulhuse Medborgerhus-Jægerspris

Le Museé International dÁrt Naif- Musee Midan Frankrig

Farum Kulturhus

Galleri Vejle

Strandgalleriet Al landsens naivister i Oksbøl

Galleri Naif/ Maraton temaudstilling

Annaborg / BKF udstilling


Galleri Hamilton-Hundested

Naive light over Jerusalem/1st International Festival /Israel

Galleri Naif /Juleudstilling



15. Bijinale naivne i marginalne umetnosti 



The 4. th Festival mondial d´Art Naif Katowice in Poland

International Naivist festival in France: Verneuil sur avre Fete de lárt Naif

International Naive festival in Poland: Katowich

Rundetårn in  Copenhagen Denmark- Celebration of Le Dounier Rousseau


Galerija Likovnih Samorastnikov/Trebnje (Slovenia) Nove Pridobitve

Salon Mondial du sud ouest St. Loubés

Fete L´Art Naif: Vernuil sur Avre  www.festivalnaif.com.

Naiv Festival in Katowice (Poland) http://www.mmsilesia.pl/blog/entry/1854/e.html


A lot of exhibitions with: Danish  Naive artists.

Member of BKF ArtistAssociated in Denmark


Scholarshiphousing inParis 1/2.-1/3

Member of KKS Women ArtistFederal in Denmark


Winner of the  3´de prairie on: Roskilde OPEN  in Denmark -censorship exhibition


Published with other naïve artists in  Ole Lindbo´s book: Beautiful as innocence-Danish  naive painters  Big City Books 2004

Some of decorations jobs:

Librarywall in Hundested Denmark

Childrengarden Copenhagen

Entrance to D.S.B train personal cantine Copenhagen

Wall behind music scene: Fair play  Copenhagen

Reading hall in Hvidovre Hospital (35m x 1,40m) Copenhagen

School aula:Glyvrar school, Faroe Islands

and a lot of  decorations  in private children rooms; Jungle animals, music play rooms and acrobats m.m

Some Illustrations jobs:

Illustration to Novelle in the newspaper: Politikens Magasin

Illustrations to novels in the weekmagasin: Alt for Damerne.

                    CD cover + Illustrationer to CD af Stine Michel :Himmelhøj: 2011
                     Stine Michel :Ønskeegen: 2008

Mosekonen brygger af Stine Michel.2007


Record cover to Karsten Houmarks: Some other time

Record cover to Trille: Hjemlige eventyr